Friday, November 14, 2014

Chris X + Ken O – T-Shirt Titan - theteetitan

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Do you want to profit selling T-Shirts on Facebook?

And to do it AUTOMATICALLY with 4 software tools?

Chris X + Ken O – T-Shirt Titan - theteetitan


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Now I don't know if I've mentioned my buddy Chris before? But..

8 weeks ago, he CRACKED the code to selling t-shirts on Facebook...

And now he's put all his knowledge into an "AUTOMATED t-shirt system"!

This is a NEW opportunity, perhaps the hottest online today, so...


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It's only because I heard about this early, that I can even give you this secret link!

This is a chance to get in at the ground floor, selling t-shirts.

Opportunities like this only appear every so often...

So, act now and be one of the very first test-subjects

Or miss out on the huge discount -- forever.

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Now let me tell you a bit more about how we got here...

Over the summer, Chris spent his ENTIRE LIFE doing 1 thing:

==> Trying to sell t-shirts with Facebook! <====

Now, you might have heard about TeeSpring, and how it's the hottest new thing:

"Making $10k a month designing t-shirts - who wouldn't want to do that!?"

BUT... as Chris found out the hard way, after buying all the popular courses...

The way everyone else does TeeSpring & Facebook SUCKS!

That's why he had to develop his own UNIQUE system:

He threw everything he had at it... And it wasn't easy...

But finally, in September...

Chris went from zero to over $10k in 30 days.

He finally had a winning system...



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"Titan" means you can instantly skip the learning curve & hardwork he had to go through.

This system took him from zero to selling $12,938 of t-shirts in 30 days.

The system was perfect - but there was only 1 problem: it took time to run everything.

And that's why, last month, he took the system and AUTOMATED it completely...

And now Chris is giving all 4 of his private software tools as part of Titan too!


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Now you won't see this anywhere else on the Internet.

There are very few people talking about this weird new "t-shirt selling" crazy..

And certainly, there is nothing like Titan, and nothing the 4 softwares.

Like I say Chris built this out for HIS personal use.

He's the only know who knows the system, and the only one with these 4 tools.

These are all "secret" links, hidden to the search engines, and behind a password.

Up until now, he's been using it secretly to dominate Facebook on the "hush".

And so he NEEDS to control how this gets released to the Internet.

That's why he's taking drastic steps to ensure the system's profitability...

• He is starting the price very very low to test the water

• The price will increase at very regular intervals

• If demand is too high, he will increase the price SUDDENLY and without warning

I wouldn't wait around on this.


Go here for a LIVE DEMO of the t-shirt selling system:

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The VALUE here is insane - it's easily a $1,000 product

The software cost him close to $7k... He invested 3 months of his life...

It's only right that he makes around $200-300 per sale to recoup his investment, right?

But that's the deal "everyone else" gets - when the launch discount period has ended.

And, if you join today, you get all 4 software tools, at a huge discount.

This is ONLY going out to a handful of my subscribers...

So you must act now...


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Seriously, this is the #1 method right now - selling t-shirts on Facebook.

And there's nothing out there like Titan, not anywhere on the Internet...

And soon, when the discount gets pulled, there never will be again.



P.S. If you've ever considered Facebook but been put off for whatever reason, this is your ONE chance.

If you've heard about people selling t-shirts and wondered how it works, this free video explains EVERYTHING


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I can't wait for you to get your hands on this.

I really am so very excited for you....

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