Sunday, May 13, 2012

Watch Online Happy Tree Friends

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Are you a fan of our shows here at Mondo? You are? Awesome! We want to HEAR from you. Hell, we want to SEE you!! We’re cutting together a video that shows how people all over the world are crazy for Mondo animations! Here’s what we want: Just a few seconds long at most. We are looking for videos of you SHOUTING at the camera “[the name of your country] wants more Mondo!” in your native language. Example: “England wants more Mondo!” “España quiere más Mondo!” “La France veut plus de Mondo!” ETC. We want to SEE famous landmarks. If you can shoot your video in, near, on, or in view of a famous landmark that would be amazing! Shot in HD! I know that’s tough, but it would be great. If you can’t find a famous landmark, how about your town square?
A shot with your city skyline in the background? Any place or scene unique to your country. We just want to see where you live. Groups! The more people in your video, the better. BE CREATIVE!! Here’s what we DON’T WANT: Videos from kids under 12. Sorry, this doesn’t mean we don’t love you… this is awkward. Be creative. Don’t just shoot yourself staring at your webbcam in your bedroom. At the very least have flags or posters indicating where you’re from. Swearing…duh! What do you get out of this besides the joy of making a video? How about a Happy Tree Friends plush doll? Yeah, I thought you’d like that. The first video submitted from each country gets a plush doll, so be the first from your country! We’ll also give plush dolls to people who shoot videos in clear sight of the following landmarks: Eiffel tower Big Ben Roman Coliseum Jesus on the hill in Rio Opera house in Sydney Mt. Fuji Great Wall of China Empire State Building We’d also like to see some videos of you guys : Watching a show on your phone. Watching a show on your tablet. Of course we don’t have an endless supply of plush toys, so when they run out, that’s it. Submit your video using the form below! You must give us your name and email so that we can contact you if you get a plush toy! So that’s it! Why are you still reading? Go out and shoot that video!

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