Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watch Online True Blood Season 4 Episode

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Sookie shows up in the land of fairies and is greeted by a nice woman who introduces herself as her fairy godmother. Sookie questions her ability to look after her and she responds telling her that she tends to get into trouble a lot. Barry the bellboy is also there with his fairy godmother, Lloyd. Sookie's granddaddy, Bill Lumbergh is there as well.

Everyone there starts eating fruit made of light but Sookie refuses to eat it. Queen Mab makes an appearance and tries to coax Sookie to eat but Sookie blasts her with her new found powers. Everyone turns extremely ugly and two fairies come to rescue Sookie and Grandaddy Lumbergh. They all jump off a cliff and find themselves back at the Bon Temps cemetery, where granddaddy dies as a result of eating the fruit.

Sookie heads home to find that her house has been sold. Jason comes by wearing police deputy's uniform and is overjoyed to see her. It turns out she's been missing for over 12 months.

Sookie and Jason spend time catching up and once nightfall arrives, Eric and Bill arrive to tell her how much they've missed her. It becomes a competition and Eric ends up winning but Bill orders him to leave. Bill covers for Sookie when Sheriff Andy arrives by saying she has been on private vampire business and that he obviously didn't kill her like everyone thought he did. Sookie turns to Bill and tells him that even though it's been a year, it feels much shorter since he broke he heart. He gets up and leaves.

Andy and Jason are talking in Andy's car and Jason asks if he has been using turns out that Andy is addicted to vampire blood.

Lafayette and Jesus head to a coven meeting at the MoonGoddess Emporium, where head witch Marnie channels Eddie. Lafayette gets scared and decides to leave.

Tara is seen in the Octagon in New Orleans, delivering MMA beatdowns, while Hoyt and Jessica are now engaged but not exactly at their happiest. He arrives home from work and complains that there's no food in the house and she argues that she finds human food disgusting. He tells her that having her suck his blood isn't the best thing in the world and she tells him that she's not his mother. She starts cooking him eggs with the shells still on and they end up sharing a laugh.

Pam is spotted recording a PSA at Fangtasia for the American Vampire League about how humans should not be afraid of vampires...too bad she's being sarcastic.

Eric walks into the bar and AVL leader Nan Flanagan tell him not to underestimate the idiocy of the American people. She tells him that she has scientific proof that people are a lot dumber than they realize and that she's sure the research must have come from the Stackhouse home.

Eric decides to let Pam off the hook and records the PSA himself, saying "I'm a taxpaying American and a small businessman in the great state of Louisiana. I also happen to be a vampire." He then asks who is more trustworthy: a vampire or a politician?

Tara meets up with her enemy, Naomi, who is also her girlfriend. They begin to kiss and begin to get harassed. Tara decides to just insult him rather than beat him up. Naomi calls her Toni as they walk away.

At Merlot's, Terry and Arlene celebrate Sookie's return. Sam is angry about her disappearing for a year and not telling him where she was. Tommy Merlot comes in limping with the help of Hoyt's mother Maxine, who seems to be taking care of him, even though Sam is still paying for his physical therapy.

Tara is enjoying some time in bed with Naomi when she gets a text from Lafayette telling her that Sookie is home. Tara makes an excuse to Naomi, telling her that it was from her father, saying that her grandmother had died.

Back at Merlot's, Sookie meets with a lawyer who was introduced during Bill's ribbon cutting. She tells Sookie that a strange holding company bought her home but she would look into getting it back. Sookie decides to read her thoughts, and looks hurt to find out that Bill hardly mentions her.

Jessica and Hoyt have a date night at Fangtasia. Sam has found a support group of shapechangers. Jason brings food to the children from Crystal's camp and they end up hitting him with a shovel and throwing him in a freezer. Lafayette and Jesus head back to the coven where Marnie is trying to bring her parrot back to life. Lafayette decides to join the circle, where they all start freaking out and the parrot comes back to life for a moment before it dies again. A member of the coven comes to Bill and tells him what happened, addressing Bill as "your majesty".

Sookie goes home to take a shower and comes out to find Eric waiting for her. She is surprised to see him. He tells her that he is the new owner of the house and that he can come and go as he likes.

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